Edge 2x / 1 Mile Range

Edge 2x / 1 Mile Range
Edge 2x / 1 Mile Range
Edge 2x / 1 Mile Range

Arctic Start Edge 2x

/2-Way Confirmation

  • One Mile Range
  • Includes (1) 2-Way Confirming Remote (1) 1-Way Remote
  • Lock & Unlock
  • 15/25/45 Minute Run Time Programming
  • Drone Mobile Compatible
  • Add on Heated Seats or Rear Defrost
  • Life-time Warranty on parts installed*
  • One Year Warranty on Remotes

Starting at $599 Installed

Most Vehicles Require a Bypass if you have computerized keys (included). This is a standard security feature in most newer vehicles. Aren't sure? Give us a call! 412-364-2123

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Cream of the crop as far as remotes go. Water resistant 2-way 1 mile range LCD remote control with back-light and audible conformation. *Life-time warranty on all the parts we install as long as you own the vehicle. Most remote starters can be transferred to your new vehicle pending compatible parts.

Always Professional Installation
Starting at $599.00

Drone Add-On + $140
Full Alarm System + $175
Factory Style Alarm + $125

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